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My longest dive, 361 minutes, was at Fly Point, Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia with Jake Miller and Tom Maz Maslen on 29th January 2015

My deepest dive, 70.4 metres, was in the Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt with Sherif Madyan on 19th July 2001

Malcolm is a regular contributor to Australian dive magazines and to dive magazines worldwide. He lives in Nelson Bay, New South Wales, Australia with his wife Mary and their border collie Bella. Nelson Bay is a relaxed holiday town with fabulous beaches just a few hours drive north of Sydney and very importantly has some great diving. 

Born in the UK, Malcolm holds joint Australian/British citizenship. Formerly an active Member of the British Society of Underwater Photographers (BSoUP) he moved to Australia in 2009 having just penned his first underwater magazine article. Malcolm found writing such articles hard going and only four more followed in the next three years. But fortunately for him in 2013 one of the editorial staff of the UK's DIVER magazine decided to act as a match maker. Aware of Malcolm's struggles, he introduced Malcolm to Jamie Watts, a talented writer but not such an enthusiastic underwater photographer. Jamie and Malcolm hit it off straight away and for ten years produced a constant stream of articles. However in 2023 Jamie found he no longer had the time to write them and Malcolm reluctantly resumed writing them himself. You can find these and all the previous articles with Jamie in the News/Publications section of this website.

Malcolm used to have no interest in diving. However, his late wife Eve did and in 1994 he reluctantly joined her on a Try Dive, in the Red Sea. To his amazement he thoroughly enjoyed it and was soon assuring everyone that he had always wanted to dive. Keen to capture memories of his underwater dives, he began shooting video but soon became seduced by, in his opinion, the greater challenge of stills photography. Well that and very few people wanted to watch his videos! Over the years he steadily expanded his website www.malcolmnobbs.com into one of the world's largest scuba-related websites. It has over 13,000 categorised and searchable marine life images, numerous dive site location reports, all of Malcolm's published work together with many humorous videos taken on location.

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