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Having Fun
Although I am an enthusiastic underwater photographer, I am determined not to lose the sheer pleasure to be had from diving. I have a lot of fun with my dive buddies as you will discover if you read my dive reports on this website.
Mick Todd could not contain himself when I agreed he could share my cabin. South West Rocks, Australia, February 2013
Fooling around with Richard Preston. Maldives 2007
Fooling around with Spotty. Kimmeridge Bay UK 2007
While I despair, Chris Baker attempts to repair our "Divemobile". Lulworth Cove Dorset UK July 2006
Don't ask! Spotty Hastings and Chris Baker. Portland, Dorset UK September 2005
No tongues please! Nick Gittings and I. 
English Channel Sep 2004
Diving with Rick Stewart. Folkestone UK 2003
Fooling around with Majdee. Maldives 2002
Diving with Spotty. Folkestone UK 2001
Nervous about diving with Spotty. Folkestone UK 2002
Aaron asked me to pour hair conditioner into his wetsuit to help him put it on. Opps - I've missed.
Nelson Bay Australia March 2015

Steven Begley's shirt makes me feel sick.
Nelson Bay Australia February 2013 
Wikipedia: "A remora and its host seem to partake in a symbiotic relationship"
Cod Hole Great Barrier Reef Australia Sep 2013 

Nicci's drysuit springs an unfortunate leak.
Swansea Australia April 2011 

Demonstrating my natural buoyancy skills.
Marsa Alam Egypt October 2009
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