2013 Sep - MV Spoil Sport
North-east of Queensland, Osprey Reef is a submerged atoll in the Coral Sea, around 350 kilometres from Cairns.

In September 2013 Mick Todd, Rob Jarvis, Ewen McDougall and I enjoyed a combined Great Barrier Reef/Coral Sea liveaboard trip aboard Mike Ball’s Spoil Sport spending two days in the Coral Sea.

Day One. Our first dive was a rather quiet dive at Fairy Grotto. Mick said it had been named Fairy Grotto because it looked like the sort of place you might expect to see fairies. Well Mick might. Spoil Sport then moved a short distance to Admiralty Anchor for another two dives. Without me being aware, a remora attached itself to my bum. Mick was quick to grab a photo which subsequently was used by Sport Diving Magazine for their contents page image – fame for me of sorts! Our final dive of the day was a shark feed at North Horn with Whitetip Reef and Grey Reef Sharks and one Potato Cod.

Day Two. Our first dive was False Entrance, a fabulous drop-off, the second dive a private shark feed for me at North Horn courtesy of Mike Ball. Thank you Mike! Again the feed was dominated by Whitetip Reef and Grey sharks although I also saw a wary Silvertip. Our final two dives were at Halfway where I shot a lot of Anemonefish. Mick collapsed to the seabed. Later he maintained it was because he was bored. I think the old boy was simply exhausted.