2016 May

In May 2016 I spent a highly enjoyable week aboard La Reina, a sixty-nine foot yacht, in the Jardines de la Reina marine park which is about 50 miles  south of the Cuban mainland. The previous week I’d had a great time aboard Tortuga, a “boat hotel”, now for my second week in the Jardines de la Reina I switched to La Reina. The diving was very similar to the first week and as that had been outstanding, I had no complaints.

This time only one boat, Atlantic Diver III was needed to ferry divers to the nearby dive sites. Our dive group included father and son Gabriel Ignacio Penagaricano Senior and Junior from Puerto Rica who were great company. As before we swam with Saltwater Crocodiles, Barracuda, Tarpon and Caribbean reef sharks but by way of a change Dive Master Wilbert Acosta De La Red took us to Finca de Pepe and pointed out some macro life. In particular an Arrow Blenny and Spinyhead Blennies. I had never seen a Spinyhead Blenny before so this was a big treat for me.