2015 February

In February 2015 I flew to Bimini, 50 miles due east of Miami, Florida and was relieved to get there. I’d booked to fly the last leg with Silver Airways and most of their flights were being cancelled at the last minute. And then mine was. But my luck was in as I charmed my way onto a seaplane flying to Bimini. The pilot was a diver and flew low over various dive sites and my destination: Bimini Sands Resort and Marina in South Bimini.

I had travelled to Bimini to see and photograph Great Hammerhead sharks, predatory sharks which can grow to around 7 metres. The trip had been arranged for me by Andy Murch and Laura McColl of Big Fish Expeditions. For the first 3 days I dived with Robin “BigRob” Ferguson of Bimini Big Game Club and my buddy Ondrej Klos. Check out Ondrej’s great video of our dives together at About/Videos on this website. I had never seen a Great Hammerhead before – what a thrill it was to see one for the first time. And not just one!

After three days of fabulous diving with “BigRob” and Ondrej, my Aussie diving buddies Mick Todd and Rob Jarvis arrived at Bimini Sands Resort. They looked more dishevelled than usual. Their final leg flight to Bimini had been cancelled and they had spent a night sleeping on the Fort Lauderdale airport floor. Now we had six days of Great Hammerhead diving with Neal Watson II of Bimini Scuba Centre to look forward – if Mick and Rob could stay awake. That was not too hard. Diving with Great Hammerheads is one of diving’s great experiences and although sea conditions were often poor, we also had some great moments diving off Neal’s boat, Dive God. And what a way for Mick to celebrate his 6,000th dive although by my reckoning almost all of these were pool dives in 2 metres or less!